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RTW vs Handmade or Maggie is a part-time philosopher

So while I get used to my new computer and the way things are set up I’m going to post a few “filler” posts. These are mostly my thoughts on my plans and especially the Major Wardrobe Remaking of 2016/17.

read·y-to-wear ~ adjective (of clothes) made for the general market and sold through stores rather than made to order for an individual customer; off the rack.
Last week I finally finished a cardigan that I had been working on for a month! It had been a struggle but I won in the end. This was a major accomplishment for me in the realm of knitting.  For years I have had a terrible time learning to knit. Crochet? No problem! But knitting seemed impossible. Two years ago I completed my first knitted project which was a Jayne Cobb hat from the show Firefly. I hadn’t done any knitting until a few months ago when I finished two pairs of socks! So needless to say my relationship with knitting has rectified and we are getting along just fine.  For the past week or so I have been wearing this…

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